The explanation of the Kyushu history car Museum
I opened in Yufuin that was a famous sightseeing spot as the Kyushu only car Museum in 1988.
The Kyushu car history Museum is the car Museum which featured the theme of a car and the history.
The classic car which was used for the photography of the Japanese movie TV drama.
I collect precious classic cars in the world and show it.
I exhibit car motorcycle electric appliances produced in the particularly Japanese high growth time much.
About 70 cars and 30 motorcycles are exhibited in the institution.
There is entering a building rate adult 800 yen 400 yen group 600 yen various discount.
A point of the guidance of the exhibition area in the institution
The real sportscar which HONDA S800 Honda began it and developed it and produced.
The first sportscar which 800 Toyota sports Toyota released.
It is the symbolic car of the golden age of the American car, and 1959 models are known Cadillac Cadillac from the characteristic tail in particular that Elvis Presley collected it with pleasure.
It is an Italian hot car of Lamborghini 1970 beginning of the year level.
DATSAN240Z. SR2000. HONDA800 .TOYOTA .S800 .Benz 190SL, Chevrolet Corbett, jaguar E type 1960 are world sportscars representing the beginning of the year level.
It is an initial model of 356A PorschPorsche.
It is a car used many, and A Ford, a movie T Ford War are accompanied by the old number of Japan.
I exhibit five HARLEY DAVIDSON motorcycles.
It was used in KUROGANE motor tricycle and DATSAN truck TV drama OSIN.
It was produced in Hillman and Japan of Austin before and after.
It is a crown of the initial model of crown Toyota.
A tricycle participated actively in Japan after World War II and exhibits product made in Japan trucks.
Such a car ran in a lack of gasoline produced charcoal-driven automobile, the jeep of the American Operation Army, the poor Japanese roadside after the tricycle end of the war in Japan after World War II.
I exhibit precious Japanese electronic goods and camera, TV of the initial radio type produced after World War II in Japan.
The light car of Japanese unique standards became the privately-owned car of the general Japanese beginning.
It is admitted that initial bicycle motorcycle "HONDA turnips" type is Nihon Sangyo cultural heritage.
There is not still battery, and the light was acetylene gas heating oil, and there is not the cell starter, and the engine start turned now Ford model T which is famous by having spread Ford model T cars in the world to Ford before 100 by hand, and it is a unique driving method.
It was the world best car, and, as for the then price, about 30s of Ford increased twice as much from Rolls-Royce Phantom old days.
It is the toy of the high child whom it is a car for children who reduced Ferrari children in-service car Ferrari 2/3 to size, and it really runs at circuits, and is the current price 3,300,000 yen world system.
pulses appeared in a mystery car, a Japanese TV popularity program of a near future model.
A sham operation training device is installed, and, in the inside of small passenger plane air local people Mander, anyone can enjoy an operation experience.
A bus of the ISUZU BX20 bonnet bus Kyushu best valuable active play bonnet type which are a bus of the active bonnet type that the best is precious as for nine states of bonnet buses
I welcome people.